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Logistics Management

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Standards Based

Arahail ENToK

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Latest Technology for Automation

Resource management

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Help Desk Automation

Improve Visibility and Reduce Costs

What you See is what you get (wysiwyg)

Interactive Dashboards

Arahail ENToK tools are all built utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, to create a presentation layer that allows data workers to enter or update data in the same interface used by decision makers.

Providing a single WYSIWYG interface dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for teams to learn how to use our tools.

SAAS Solution

Rapid Deployment

Your organization has invested in tools that require a significant investment in both dollars and time to learn.  Why start over?  

Arahail ENToK was built using a unique Framework Agnostic technique, that allows organizations to deploy with no additional security requirements.  

No Authority to Operate (ATO) means you get your tool NOW, using a framework that is approved, vetted, and operational.  


Collaborate without limitations

Things have changed.  Our workforce needs tools that will allow them to work outside of the standard confines of the office.  Whether your team is supporting from the office, from home, or remotely, they need to access to data that is secure, protected, and real-time.

Arahail ENToK leverages the power of web-based technology to create a fully collaborative environment.  


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This tool  has reduced the cost of manual input by almost 3 full time personnel.  It has saved time, money, and most of all, it allowed my team to focus on imprroving the quality of our data.

- DoD Client